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Radioactive Vanity Re-do 💚

A vanity made over in blended blues and electric neons

Catch the full video on my YouTube channel Here

Materials list:

Wise owl paint in inkwell, poseidon, siren song, and antique villa

Wood u bend flowers and rope mouldings


I picked up this vanity as part of a set, not much to look at, incredibly plain, but very well made

Here is it’s sister piece, already done up

Gray primer and wood u bend mouldings

I started with a cleaning and scuff sanding, then a coat of light gray primer. The drawers were trimmed out in Wood u bend rope moulding and a cascade of mixed wood u bend flower designs

My base coat was done using Wise owl paint in inkwell, poseidon, siren song, and antique villa using a light stippling motion with Cling on brushes to add this light pebbled texture

Stenciled drawer sides

These peek a boo drawer sides got a coat of my same gray primer and a stencil done using Daydream apothecary paint in soul full of sunshine tinted with sea la vie using this gorgeous stencil, part of a set of 3 in the Victorian stencil pack from Grace on design

A second blended coat, and I tried a drippy look over the flowers in my neon green, but didn’t care for the drippings of it. Back to the drawing board

That’s better, I much prefer the soft glow of the neons blended in, they almost appear…radioactive!

A bit of Silver gilding wax on my flowers and I sealed in 2 coats of Satin varnish

My review. Things that really stood out to me about Wise Owl Paint.

  1. The richness of the pigments are second to none, the colors are so pure and saturated, it’s hard not to notice

  2. The paint played really nicely with another chalky style brand

  3. I really appreciate that they have a full and complete line that includes brushes, too coats, waxes, and primers, this is huge for me, all available together that compliment each other

  4. The paint blended really well, but the minerals mean it also can do cool textured finishes that are unique, very versatile

Our finished look…

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