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Poison Ivy Bombe Chest

I try to pick up these bombe chests whenever I can find them, they tend to be overpriced in my market, but the curves are irresistible abd they never disappoint

I felt inspired by the simple greenery mould from redesign with prima and of course some lush greens

Started casting my mould 4,873 times in amazing casting resin abd Vining them up my piece organically

I covered all in primer to hide those pine knots and make my moulds seamless with the piece

Two coats of a wise owl paint blend in Charleston green, tourmaline, kashmir, dried thyme

This one got turned on its head and given drops of Spanish olive and tourmaline using a vinegar technique

The hardware needs some attention too. These got a cleaning and touches of Redesign with prima decor wax in eternal

Dry brushing over the leaves and a but of Artisan powder in yellow to highlight the leaves

It's staging day! This piece is done. It had a life of its own, from a mould and raw pine to crippling curves entangled in greenery 🌿

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