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Painted pieces around MY house

As you know, we recently built our own home. We bought 5 acres of land, designed a floorplan with an architect, and moved in the shell to do the finish work ourselves. It is still VERY MUCH a work in progress, but Dixie Belle Paint Company has been used all along the way. Here is a compilation of painted projects around our home.

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Materials Mentioned

  1. Minwax provincial

  2. Satin clear coat

  3. Bronze Patina paint

  4. Blue Patina Spray

  5. Wax in white

  6. Furniture salve

  7. Rock Wall Set

  8. Surf Prep sander

  9. Behr paint in Titanium

  10. Paint in Coffee Bean, Buttercream, Caviar, Driftwood, Evergreen

1. Our Mud Room

Its the first thing you see when you walk in our house from the garage, a place for coats, backpacks, leashes, shoes, etc. My images are from before our flooring was installed, feels like forever ago.

I created this space with an unfinished piece of butcher block from Floor and Decor, stained it in Minwax provincial, and used several coats of Satin varnish. We cut the top drawer off a three drawer base cabinet and used the butcher block for a bench over our shoe drawers. Two years later and it still looks flawless!

Dixie Belle Paint projects Mud Room Bench
Dixie Belle Paint projects DIY Mud Room Bench

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2. Patina Planters

Flanking our front doors are these topiaries in resin planters. The planters had faded over time and were uninteresting.

These planters got a makeover using Bronze Patina paint with Blue Spray. Catch the process on video HERE!

Dixie Belle Paint projects DIY Patina Planters
Dixie Belle Paint Projects DIY Patina Planters

3. My Dining Room Table

The table I really want is not in stock due to covid 😔 so I picked up this Restoration Hardware dining table off of Facebook Marketplace as a temporary solution, but it was too dark for me.

The solution, a coat of Wax in white! I took advantage of the deep wood grain texture on this table and gave it a coat of white wax. The wax can be used over an existing finish, it found all of those deep grooves and gave a beautiful whitewashed look. Bonus, it beads up water on my table too!

Dixie Belle Paint Projects white wax makeover on dining table
Dixie Belle Paint Projects Whitewash  furniture with wax

4. My Iron Front Doors

It can’t always be new projects, sometimes we have to do a little bit of maintenance too. Did you know Furniture salve can be used on metal? That’s right, it freshens up stainless steel (think appliances), leather (think sofas), and furniture as well!

My iron front doors were installed early in construction and took a beating during the process. I used salve and a wax brush to bring them back to life and add luster.

Dixie Belle Paint Projects Iron Front Door Facelift with Dixie Belle Big Mammas Butta

5. A Rock Climbing Wall

You read that right, we put in a rock climbing wall and its a popular hang out/zoom spot/reading nook for our kids

During construction, we decided to capture these random nooks and drywall them. This nook was a fairly good size, so we created a kid’s corner complete with a climbing wall. This was done using a 4’x8′ sheet of maple plywood, lightly sanded with my Surf Prep Sander, and coated in several coats of Satin varnish , then added climbing rocks and a rope from Amazon.

DIY indoor rock climbing wall Dixie Belle Paint Projects

6. Our Range Hood

This may be one of the most impactful projects in my home, its a showstopper, and I adore it to this day.

I looked at metal hoods, but they were quite costly, so I purchased this unfinished wood range hood from Etsy. We sprayed a base of paint Coffee Bean for coverage, then 2 coats of Bronze Patina Paint, also sprayed. Blue activator Patina Spray created a faux metal look, and Buttercream paint along the bottom to match our cabinets, then coated in satin clear coat

Dixie Belle Paint Projects Kitchen Range Hood DIY Makeover
DIY Range Hood Makeover Dixie Belle Paint Projects

7. My Staging Wall

It’s not glamorous, but staging walls need maintenance too, and after two years, mine was full of holes.

Before a new coat of paint, I filled them with Mud in white and a putty knife. A fresh coat of Behr titanium, and we are back in business!

Filled holes and fresh paint on my staging wall Dixie Belle Paint Projects

8. My Son’s Wall Mural

The theme in his room is buffalo check, cabin-esque, woodland inspired, dating from the crib bedding I had chosen from his nursery.

In our new home, I completed this with a birch tree mural. The trees are done in Caviar, bark in Driftwood, and Evergreen for the leaves. Another project that looks great after 2 years of kid exposure!

Birch Tree Mural Boys room accent wall Dixie Belle Paint Projects

9. Lego Display Shelves

As a boy mom, we are a Lego family through and through. My feet were begging for a place to display all of those special builds.

These shelves started as photo ledges found on Facebook Marketplace, a variety of profiles and sizes. I painted them all on 2 coats of black paint and 2 coats of clear coat

Lego Wall Shelves painted black Dixie Belle Paint Projects

10. And of course…Furniture!

Last, but not least, I couldn’t be a painter and not have a house full of painted furniture. Here are those I’ve kept for myself…

There isn’t a room in my house without a painted project!

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