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My Staging Wall

My staging wall has gone through quite a progression, it tells the story of the growth of my business in photos and is kind of a fun story to share.

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When I first began painting furniture, staging wasn’t even on my radar. The first piece I ever sold, sold just like this, really? I mean, I turned a profit, but it’s nothing to brag about. That’s in my garage, and even a foot I hadn’t completed??

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When I first started painting, it was summer, so I moved out to the backyard, painting while the kids swam. I got fancy and used my vinyl fence as a backdrop, even added some staging items, ooooh!

But then, winter rolled around, and I had to bring them indoors. I had zero wall space in my home at the time. This is my breakfast nook, not even room to back up for a photo.

Then I moved to the garage for painting, and driveway for pics. My garage door was the best large, open surface to photograph against, at least it was a neutral color. My staging was bad, so bad, makes me cringe

And there’s my sewer clean out, front and center!

It slowly got better, very slowly. Staging got some symmetry and balance. I learned to coordinate accessories with the body and hardware colors.

Sometimes simple is better.

Then I started working with Dixie Belle, and I wanted to be good and improve my pics. It’s been a constant challenge.

I appreciated always having natural light, it’s the best. I learned that mornings had the fewest shadows on my house. Staged in wind, rain, you name it. The only edits I use are cropping and watermarking.

Everything I saw, said you needed a clean, white backdrop. I had no available wall, my garage was piled high in every corner and I couldn’t store a large backdrop in my already tiny workspace.

So we came up with this- Bi-fold doors. We used three of them that could be folded and stored.

It was only so large so I had to crop my photos very close. The concrete was still visible so I picked up a natural fiber runner rug.

Building our own home from scratch was our dream, and a huge luxury, I take none of it for granted. In that, I got to design my workspace, and that always included a staging wall.

When we first moved in, my staging wall wasn’t textured or painted, so my first pieces came indoors. Notice the rug because we have no flooring, and missing baseboards.

So I added texture to the drywall in my workspace (turns out I’m pretty good at drywall texture!). A coat of paint, the exterior trim paint on our new home was the most neutral, Behr titanium. I painted the exposed concrete stem wall in Dark brown so it looks like a continuation of the flooring and added a piece of base moulding.

I imagine a decorative finish on this wall someday, but the first pics out of my new space exceed my expectations! Totally worth every step along the way and all the effort to make it a reality. The natural lighting is to die for, a great view to pick up in pics, feels like an indoor space as opposed to the 3rd bay of our garage.

Who knows of this is the final version, but for now I am thrilled!

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