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Lush Magnolia furniture finish

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Materials Mentioned

Paint A custom mix of paint in Palmetto, Antebellum Blue, and Midnight Sky French with Linen for highlight

Gold Gilding Wax

Black wax

The top and legs are going to stay a natural wood, so I sanded those down using my Surf Prep sander.

I’m using a custom mixed paint color, a rich emerald green made using the largest portion of Palmetto, tinted with a bit of Antebellum Blue and darkened with Midnight Sky. We’ll call this color Juniper. 😊

I blended my Juniper mix using Midnight Sky for shading and the tiniest bit of French Linen for a highlight.

Here is my base coat:

Just the paint

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This is a beautiful paint finish on its own, but I wove through the Magnolia Garden transfer in a crescent shape, vining up one side.

After the transfer

I added some Black Wax to the raw wood legs and top, then wiped back the majority, just so it darkened the grain and carvings.

Polished up the drawers

The inside of the drawers got a complimentary mix, slightly heavier on Antebellum Blue, then sealed in Furniture salve

The hardware was cleaned well and hit with a bit of Gold Gilding Wax to brighten them up.

Original hardware got a cleaning

I decided to add a few Wood u bend mouldings moulding to the apron and backplate. Just to make these areas not so plain. They got my body color of Juniper and Midnight Sky, then a bit of Gold Gilding Wax.

Wood u bend accents

The final product is lush, a deep rich color against the simplicity of the white flowers.

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