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Hand Painted Floral Jewelry Box How-To

Jewelry boxes were hot, hot, hot gifts this year. I bought a large collection of them from one person and blew through the lot in custom orders in no time flat. This painted floral jewelry box project was a fun one because it came with unique inspiration.

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The jumping-off point came from this jewelry box, but check out the price tag on that one 😳. Our hand-painted alternative was equally beautiful and came in at a much lower price point.

I always start my boxes by cleaning well, scuff sanding, and taking them completely apart. Every tiny screw comes out. Be sure to keep them together, they are very easy to lose. I swear these boxes take more time than a full-sized furniture piece!

Materials Mentioned

  1. Paint Anchor

  2. Paint in Tea Rose, Fluff, Daisy, Collard Greens, The Gulf, and Antebellum Blue

  3. Colored Pencils

  4. Flat Clear Coat

  5. Fillable Watercolor Paintbrush

  6. Fine Detail Paintbrush and other assorted acrylic brushes.

  7. Quality small paint Brush

This one got a base of Anchor. Two coats gave me this rich black base.

Base coat in Dixie Belle Silk Paint Painted Jewelry Box Brushed by Brandy

I used a custom mix of Collard Greens, The Gulf, and Antebellum Blue diluted with water, in a watercolor brush to create the green vines. Each flower was hand-painted on the vine with Fluff and Tea Rose.

Painted Jewelry Box Brushed by Brandy with watercolor paint pen
Hand-Painted Jewelry Box Brushed by Brandy

I added a few buds in Fluff and Daisy, then wove in a vine in the rich yellow of Daisy using a fine liner brush.

I was able to bring the box inside and be with my family or watch a show in the background while just zoning out on the fine details, it was actually a nice change!

Detail Painted Jewelry Box Brushed by Brandy

You know you can always use other art mediums in combination with chalk paints? The watercolor brushes were one, colored pencils is another!

I used Prismacolor colored pencils to draw in some really fine flower details, that a brush just cannot accomplish.

Hand-Painted Floral Jewelry Box Brushed by Brandy

The final step was adding personalization with a name stencil that I cut with my Silhouette vinyl cutter and coating in flat clear coat. This went home just in time to go under the tree!

Catch the Entire Hand-Painted Floral Jewelry Box Process!

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Hand Painted Floral Jewelry Box with Dixie Bell Paint
Painted Jewelry Box Brushed by Brandy Dixie Belle Chalk Paint
Hand Painted Floral Jewelry Box How to Brushed by Brandy
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