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Bold Gold Leaf Sideboard

How to do Gold Leaf on Furniture

This piece was intimidating as all heck. It was huge and boldly styled, those claw feet make a statement on their own. When I picked this up, my husband wasn’t sure what I was thinking!

I just look for things that are different, styles I haven’t done before, and well made. This thrift store find met those criteria, so I brought the set home.

I couldn’t be more happy with the choice! Here is how I created this bold sideboard and how to add gold leaf to furniture!

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Materials list:

  1. Gripping primer

  2. Paint in black

  3. Satin Clear Coat

  4. Application Sponge

  5. Craft store ready Gold Leafing

  6. Mona Lisa metal leafing adhesive size

  7. Redesign with Prima stencil

How to do Gold Leaf on Furniture

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Luckily, I didnt have to choose a finish, because a customer scooped this up from my unfinished inventory. I’d done a piece for them before and seen their home which helps immensely when doing custom work. It was a brand new build and filled with bold decor, sweeping ceilings, a lot of original artwork, and Asian-esque design.

How to do Gold Leaf on Furniture

My favorite custom orders are when a customer gives me a color and then sets me free. I can usually envision a piece from there. At first we were looking at black and copper, but that changed to gold.

I started by cleaning this piece well with Cleaner . The original finish was fairly smooth, so I also gave it a coat of gripping primer.

How to do Gold Leaf on Furniture

With a clean surface to start with, next was two coats of a nice, true, black. I got great coverage over the white primer in two coats of Caviar.

How to do Gold Leaf on Furniture

I knew other than the gold leaf, this would be a simple finish underneath, so I sealed my paint with satin clear coat. I did tint the clear coat with just a bit of Caviar paint to help prevent streaking over the dark black paint. Tinting clear coat is especially helpful over the darkest and lightest colors, whites, blacks, navy, etc.

How to do Gold Leaf on Furniture
How to do Gold Leaf on Furniture

I spray painted my hardware a matte black so they would blend in with the body, except where the gold leaf went.

We wanted a random look with the leaf. I started in an upper corner and carried it down in a diagonal using mona lisa adhesive sizing as my adhesive. Let it get a bit tacky, then lay the leaf, tearing the edges so it doesn’t lay in a perfect square,

How to do Gold Leaf on Furniture

The leaf needed more so I used the Imperial Damask stencil by Redesign with Prima, taped it in place with painters tape, and used a sponge applicator to sponge the gold leaf adhesive size into the stencil.

Once the adhesive was on, I removed the stencil and laid gold leaf over the whole door. I’d never done this before, so wasn’t sure how it would turn out. I left the adhesive to dry and went back with a soft brush to brush away the leaf that had no adhesive under it. To my surprise, it worked! The voids brushed away and the adhered portions stayed!

I over brushed a bit for a dramatic aged effect. It was imperfect and had tons of character.

How to do Gold Leaf on Furniture

I replaced the two pulls I was missing with gold pulls from Hobby Lobby, added a gold drapery tassel, and this was ready to stage!

This Bold Gold Leaf Sideboard is one of my favorite pieces! Look how well it photographed too!

How to do Gold Leaf on Furniture
How to do Gold Leaf on Furniture
How to do Gold Leaf on Furniture
How to do Gold Leaf on Furniture
How to do Gold Leaf on Furniture
How to do Gold Leaf on Furniture
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