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Blush and Gray Jewelry Armoire Makeover

Jewelry chests and vanities are fun pieces to refinish because they can always be over the top feminine. This jewelry armoire makeover was meant to coordinate with a set of side tables I finished last fall, without being an exact match.

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Here is the romantic sister set the jewelry armoire will compliment

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For this jewelry armoire makeover, I chose a base in similar blush and gray paint colors, but heavier on the Tea Rose this time. The nightstands have more Pink Champagne, which is just the slightest hint of pink.

Material List:

  1. TSP cleaner

  2. gripping primer

  3. Mister Bottle

  4. High quality Paint brushes

  5. Paint in Hurricane Gray, Tea Rose, Pink Champagne, and Fluff

  6. Floral Silkscreen Stencil

  7. Black Wax

  8. Heavy metals in gold

  9. Lush Floral Transfer

  10. Satin Varnish

I started by cleaning all the grime away and adding a base of a gripping primer, to help bond to this glossy wood finish. I then added 2 identical blended coats of Paint in Fluff, Pink Champagne, Tea Rose, and Hurricane Gray. Those pinks were a dream to blend if you are looking for a good color combo!

Blend coat Blush and Gray Jewelry Armoire Makeover

It was pretty, but bare naked! I added Silkscreen Stencils to the face and top. The Silkscreen Stencils have a fine mesh embedded in them and are lightly adhesive, so the deliver the most crisp, clean details that you can’t get with other stencils

Silk Screen on a Blush and Gray Jewelry Armoire Makeover

The face got the Lush Floral I transfer from and gold Redesign with prima detailing using Heavy metals in gold.

Don’t worry, the sides got some love too with some bold gold stripes. Stripes like these don’t have to be intimidating, simply use your painters tape as a spacer to create straight, even lines!

Floral Transfer on a Blush and Gray Jewelry Armoire Makeover
Striped sides Blush and Gray Jewelry Armoire Makeover

2 coats of Satin varnish sprayed on and a custom name stencil cut with my silhouette and this piece is complete!

Catch the Complete Jewelry Armoire Makeover on Youtube!

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With all the beautiful feminine details complete, this piece is ready to go to its new home. I still swoon over this mix of pinks, they blended flawlessly!

Finsihed! Blush and Gray Jewelry Armoire Makeover
Gold Details on Blush and Gray Jewelry Armoire Makeover
Beautiful Pink and Gray Painted Furniture Makeover
Before and after Blush and Gray Jewelry Armoire Makeover
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